Chapter 4: Will A Man Date A Divorced Woman? Volume 1: Romance: A Summary Guide To Dating Brian.

Are you a divorced woman feeling like you are no longer desirable? Are you afraid men will see you as nothing more than used goods, simply because you are divorced? Well… “I’ve got news for you.”

I know for a fact that decent hard-working men will date a divorced woman because I myself have done so. In one case it’s even possible that I might have been the reason a divorce was expedited.

“Anyhow…” The only thing some of us guys might be concerned about is why a woman got divorced; provided we’re the type of men who have truly learned from our mistakes. Marriages don’t usually fall apart simply because of one person’s actions. There’s usually plenty of responsibility to be had on both sides of any failed relationship.

Then there’s the fact that every relationship we have with another human being affects us in some way. So, “yeah.” Knowing the details of a divorced woman’s failed marriage would be the very thing that helps any intelligent guy uphold their end; working with a divorced woman on maintaining a healthy loving relationship in the present.

Personally; I do firmly believe that negative experiences hold value in the things that they teach us; just as much as positive experiences do. So, if you are a divorced woman looking my way, yes, “I’m going to ask you about it.” And, “No.” There isn’t anything to be concerned about on your end, unless you really did something stupid; had an affair, are a thief, are a drug dealer or anything else along those lines.

“Yes!” Sometimes divorces just cannot be helped and what is done is done. However, if we do see certain patterns in our own behavior that we know contributed to a relationship’s demise, we certainly do have the power to change our selves. Inward change certainly would allow us to experience the best in all of our new relationships going forward.

So, my next question for any woman who has gone through a divorce and wants to date me is, “What have you done on your end to work through your feelings about that breakup.” I’m no stranger to going from relationship to relationship. So, I know what I’m talking about when I tell you that the same mistakes will keep getting repeated when you don’t stop to assess things before starting something new.

I don’t expect that every divorced woman will seek counseling from a mental health professional after a failed marriage. Although; I would certainly applaud any woman for doing this, regardless of her situation in life. There are times in life when we could all have done better with a bit of psychotherapy. However, at the very least, if a divorced woman can tell me that she made friends with a pen and paper, while working through the aftermath of her breakup, “That’s good enough for me.”

“Now…” I have a question for you. “Are you a divorced woman who will date a blind man?”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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