Chapter 6: Do Men Like Women To Ask Them Out? Volume 1: Romance: A Summary Guide To Dating Brian.

Sometimes I can’t help feeling a little tired when I look at the big picture concerning dating here in Northern NJ. This is because it really gets to be a drag with women flip flopping back and forth; demanding the same treatment as men and still expecting to be treated like “traditional” women. I’m sorry Ladies but, “You can’t have it both ways anymore,” not even where dating is concerned.

So, “Yeah,” with most women constantly expecting a man to be the one who makes the first move in starting a relationship; a guy’s patience can easily get ground down to nothing after a while. Of course, “The tendency of many women, here in Sussex County New Jersey, to constantly play emotional mind games,” doesn’t exactly make the dating seen any less hellish for men, either.

“Yup!” Women want equal treatment. But many women still want men to jump through hoops in ways that they themselves would now consider demeaning if they were the one on the receiving end.

So, yeah, “Some of us men do like it when a woman is the one doing the pursuing.” It makes for a nice change; as long as she isn’t chasing us with a kitchen knife or something.

“Seriously though…” When a woman asks a man out; it lets us men know we’ve got a snowballs chance in hell with her. It also lets a guy know that she’s more likely to be a team player; willing to work on a relationship with their partner as an, “True Equal.”

It does take confidence for anyone to approach another human being about dating in any form because there is always the chance of being rejected. We all know rejection sucks. But if the answer is, “No,” the woman with the courage to ask a man out certainly has a better appreciation for what men go through when they are turned down by women; giving these special women an ability to operate with a bit more sensitivity and respect for men’s feelings.

After all, isn’t that what women want? “Respect for their feelings?” How can you expect to get what you aren’t willing to give in return?

Those women who do put themselves out there and ask a man out are more likely to be clear as to what it is that they are after with the men they approach, as well. Unfortunately; many women who expect to be asked out seem to feel that they have a birthright to be treated in accordance with traditional dating standards, especially when it is profitable for them.

Am I saying that women who are willing to risk rejection by asking a man out are less likely to be selfish? “Yes!” Unfortunately; these women are few and far between.

So, “Hell yeah,” my hat goes off to any girl, young or old, who is willing to ask out the man of her heart’s desire. Currently; there’s no reason it should be seen as inappropriate womanly behavior in any way.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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