Chapter 7: Do Men Expect Women To Pay On Dates? Volume 1: Romance: A Summary Guide To Dating Brian.

With so many single men and women alike struggling to pay the bills these days; I think that when couples do something together, it’s just common courtesy for all parties concerned to talk about how they are going to finance their plans. Therefore; for a woman to be wondering whether or not she would be expected to pay on dates… “That’s a fair question.”

Personally; when going any place with anyone, regardless of how little or well I know them, I tend to just ask, “Are we doing this Dutch,” or something along those lines. In fact; I might intentionally suggest to a woman that we split the bill the first couple of times out.

This is one way of gaging whether or not I’m dealing with a confident woman who truly wants to be with me for me, or, if she’s out to get what she can get. If she seems less than thrilled with the idea of paying jointly I know I’ve pretty much got my answer as to the kind of woman I’m dealing with. “Gold digger!”

All be them few and far between; I know there are some smart women out there who would gladly pay their share on a date, especially in the “getting to know you” phase of things. “These women are definitely my speed.”

In fact; I’ve overheard women saying to other women that they would rather pay their own way on the first few dates, just so they can establish their own independence in the relationship. They also do it to see how a guy reacts.

Smart women know that paying their own way on dates is a good way to shut down the Sexual Obligation Factor, as well. The intelligent girl knows that when many guys spend lots of money on a woman during a date; it’s because these men are expecting only one thing in return. Yup, “Sex!”

If only these clowns could do math. Then they’d be able to figure out that hiring a hooker would be cheaper than this approach. But, “Some boys will always be boys,” thinking with the wrong head as usual. And… To think some of these dudes have the professional title of, “CEO.”

“Me?” I appreciate any woman who wants to uphold her end financially on a date. I don’t expect her to. But I think it’s cool and it shows me that she’s willing to contribute to the date’s positive outcome; making the quality time spent together a joint effort rather than single sided.

“True…” Talking about who’s going to pay for what on a date is quite awkward for many guys and girls alike. This is largely due to what we have been taught growing up about relationships with the opposite sex. However, if you can handle talking about who’s going to pay for what with your date early on; chances are, you’ll be more easily able to talk about other things of high importance, which come up in relationships, as well.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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One thought on “Chapter 7: Do Men Expect Women To Pay On Dates? Volume 1: Romance: A Summary Guide To Dating Brian.”

  1. I was brought up in a world where, when asked out by a gentleman, he was expected to cover the costs. As a lady, I was expected not to order the most expensive thing on the menu, and keep those costs low. If a relationship became established, then many dates would be dutch, as it would be way too costly.

    We now live in, admittedly, a different world. I don’t think, though, that the gentleman covering the costs of the date he’s invited is a sign of any sort of dependence on the part of the woman. And, conversely, if the woman is the one doing the inviting, she should be willing to cover those same costs. Any party inviting another out on a date with the sole purpose of “fringe benefits” would definitely not be deserving of either those, or any other invitation whatever. Good manner should always prevail in every case.

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