Chapter 8: Phone Calls: Volume 1: Romance: A Summary Guide To Dating Brian.

Depending upon who you talk to… Contingent upon who’s material you’ve recently read… The answers regarding whether a woman should call a man after the first date, or even the number of times a woman should call her boyfriend after a relationship has been established… Well… If you haven’t noticed by now… “The answers you get are all over the board.”

Personally; I’m not going to get upset if a woman that I’ve only been out on one date with calls me before I call her. Moreover; I don’t think a lot of other guys (who view women as equals) would either.

“And…” In all honesty… To some of us men; a woman having the balls to call that first time is a bit of a turn on.

Think about it. Would you, as a woman, want to date a guy who expected you to wash the dinner dishes after a meal just because you’re a woman? “Well…” It’s the same idea with assigning communications after a date; solely based on gender.

In a relationship based on equality, “Who the hell cares who calls who first?” And, if you are a woman who seriously thinks that your actions in a true partnership must be based upon whether you’re a man or a woman; stop and ask yourself whether you are really getting out of your love life all the pleasure you could because of this line of thinking.

“Now,” how often a woman should call her boyfriend… You know… After a relationship has been established… Well… This topic is one of those sensitive gray areas; a few factors needing to be taken into consideration by any woman concerned about this.

This is because issues like one’s lack of self-esteem, or trust, can tend to make both men and women seem like leaches, especially if they are calling their significant other every hour of every day. So, “No.” I wouldn’t go overboard with the phone call thing.

Also, if your boyfriend doesn’t pick up the call when you think he should, I wouldn’t automatically assume the worst; like him sleeping with another woman. Of course, if you have good reason to think he’s slutting around…, I must ask one naughty little question. “Why are you with him instead of me?”

It’s always been my feeling that, if both people in a relationship are confident and secure, a 48-hour silence shouldn’t be treated like a big thing. “People have lives!” Some of us even have businesses to build, too. So, all in all, every other day of talking on the phone might be just the way things work out. Especially if your connecting with that person in real time about two to three times a week already.

Of course, as I indicated earlier, everyone’s view on this is different. So, if you are that concerned about when and/or how often you should be calling your man… “Why not just ask him?” If there’s a problem… In a relationship based on honesty… “He’ll tell you!”

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