Chapter 9: What A Man Wants In A Long Term Relationship: Volume 1: Romance: A Summary Guide To Dating Brian.

What men want in a relationship, seems to be the million-dollar question for a lot of women these days. If you are a woman reading this because you truly want to know what guys want; it’s a good sign that you are not Just desperate for a man. I, as a single man myself, would take your question regarding this matter as a sign that you would be the kind of woman who’s willing to commit to making a relationship work over the long hall.

In all honesty though; a woman really does need to pose this question to the man in her life, or potential men in her life, rather than trolling the internet and bookstores for answers. This is because, without overstating the obvious here, “Everyone is different.”

Do you fit into a cookie cutter mold when it comes to your desires and needs? “I know I don’t.”

Personally; what I want from a woman most in a long-term relationship is to be seen as an equal. Living with blindness myself; it hasn’t escaped my notice that I’ve attracted more than one or two women suffering from codependency; feeling they are only truly fulfilled when helping me. The trouble with that is, “I really don’t need help any more than the next guy,” and if anything, “I probably need it less.”

I’m not a couch potato and don’t do well in captivity. I like to get out and move a bit and am looking forward to meeting a girl to stay healthy with.

Good financial skills in a partner are important to me. I can pay my own bills; know how to get through a month with what I have and expect the woman I’m dating to be able to do the same. I’ve been with one too many women in the past who have tried to live a lifestyle they couldn’t afford, “That’s for damn sure.” Care to guess who was expected to pick up the bill in a few cases?

Sex? “Yes please!” I enjoy frequent intimacy; always appreciating the opportunity to shamelessly share my body, and other special talents, with a generous lover. I don’t mind public displays of affection, either.

I prefer to be with a woman who deals with problems effectively. No one gets to go through life without experiencing a few challenges along the way. But, constant drama is something I just can’t stand. It tells me that the person in the middle of it all can’t see the signs around them; constant trouble being a universal indication that priorities and other things are out of kilter in one’s life.

While I could give you a more detailed accounting of what this Average Joe looks for in a relationship; I’m pretty sure you get the idea here. If your first impression is that my requirements revolve around, “Positive thinking,” you’d be correct.

But, as far as what other guys would want from you in a relationship goes… “Maybe you should just date me instead?”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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