A Summary Guide To Dating Brian.

To Newton Sparta area women seeking NJ singles dating services: Sometimes I’m just in total amazement as to what people think and tell their friends about my love life. Many women think they’ve got me all figured out, based solely on a glance. “So, what’s a guy like me to do?” Well…

I could simply get annoyed with all women for making grossly inaccurate assumptions about blind people like myself. But… If I were to do that, I might end up writing off women who aren’t bitches; accidently lumping them in with the ones who really are. Is having been taught all about blindness by stupid parents, teachers and church clergy really a woman’s fault?

Thus, I decided to act upon the idea that came to me one night as I was mulling things over in bed. “I would write a guide talking about romance from my unique perspective as a blind man.” I would do it using my mad skills with computers; making the search engines my guide for discovering the questions women have about us men. And, “Oh the questions that women want answers to!”

So, in this guide of sorts, I’ll be talking about what I, as a blind person, want in a woman. “But,” I’ll also be talking about the traits men might generally be longing for in a significant other. “Hell,” maybe if I’ve answered enough of your questions the right way, “You’ll be the woman who calls to ask me out on a date.”

What to do before you start dating? What is the max age difference for dating? Why men act interested and then pull away? Will a man date a divorced woman? Will a man date a separated woman? Do men like women to ask them out? Do men expect women to pay on dates? Should a woman call a man after a first date? What do men want in a relationship? Can a relationship work if the woman makes more money? What do men look for in a woman physically? Why won’t he make a move on me? What does a man want from a woman sexually? Will a man marry a woman with kids? What makes a guy want to commit and get married?

I will be answering the above questions in the pages ahead. However, “You should be warned!” I do not have a degree in psychology and am not a celebrated expert in the field of romance.

I’m just your blind average joe, living in the ever-delightful town of Newton, in the fine state of New Jersey. “Even still,” based on all that I’ve heard from others and personally experienced; I’d say I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the topic at hand.

Of course, you might read the next few pages of this publication and reach the conclusion that I’m completely off my rocker. However, the only way to know for sure is to, “Turn the page.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

[brian@brianschnabel.com]: Awaiting your email: I’m the best web host for writers; plugin it all in here via Microsoft Word 2016, Windows 10, JAWS 2018 and the screen reader accessibility of WordPress 4.9.4.

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