Works Of The Holy Spirit Within The Briasphere: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

At times I’ve really had to wonder if my ability to accurately profile people and read situations isn’t some sort of curse, even though a lot of what I get is largely through intuition alone. But, I’ve finally accepted this thing I do is more of a blessing, especially after a meeting I had with a few folks one afternoon; Sunday, April 10, 2016. While I won’t get into the specifics of this meeting; the true fact of the matter is that it all worked out because I’ve learned to take my cues via this one thing I do.

What It Is; This One Thing I Do:

I think we’ve all heard the term “Kundalini” or “Prana” at least one time in our lives. If you haven’t Wikipedia can help you there.

Anyhow, years ago, when I began using meditation for pain management I became aware that once your body reaches a certain level of relaxation, you actually feel a current running through you. Many would use the terms offered above to describe this sensation. However, I have come in recent years to recognize that this is the essence of God flowing through my being; some referring to it as the Holy Spirit.

For a long time I wondered how it would be if I could keep that rushing, larger than self, uplifting and very soothing sensation with me at all times throughout my day. I’ve yet to pull it off. However, I do know that when I feel that rushing, tingling sensation of ultimate power flowing within me; the things I perceive are amplified, the words that I need during conversations of great importance spring to my lips without effort, and my emotional state is much easier to control.

Why it’s a Gift rather than a Curse:

It really does get rather disheartening day after day to know in under 60 seconds when someone is just speaking words of no true consequence or performing actions that are intended only to derive something from you; ultimately reducing you to the level of a curio on a shelf. So, yeah, it really does feel like I’m stepping into a cesspool a lot of the time when I walk out my door to deal with the general public. So few people are genuine anymore unless it has something to do with fulfilling their own wants or needs.

However, the gift lies in the fact that, when I’m working in concert with this energy I’ve described, I know that I can bring about real change without breaking a sweat. I can go where the Lord wants me quickly, safely and easily. I can easily and skillfully manage those folks whose only true agenda lies in fulfilling their own selfish wants and needs. And, “Yes,” it remains as a gift so long as I am working with it to obtain those things that God wants for me; not what I want from God.

In conclusion about this one thing I do:

I don’t know why Pastors, Priests, Ministers, and other spiritual leaders in the Christian community grow fearful when you open up a dialog about working with the Lord in this way. “Yeah,” maybe because acknowledging that one can work with the Lord in this way really is crossing over into the realm of the crazy.

But yet they have no trouble telling us that God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush, told Noah to build an ark and apparently called out to people who could not see him on a regular bases in the Old Testament. Like biblical accounts of hearing voices is a totally sane concept. But working with a very real and tangible force, which resides within each and every one of us just waiting to be acknowledge, is totally off kilter?

Anyway, as disappointing as this God given gift can be a lot of the time, I can’t but think that it is a blessing in disguise. So, like my dreams, it is another God given tool in my arsenal to be used for the Lord’s version of the greater good for us all, as needed.

A Final Wish And Thought In Parting:

If only there was a way I could bottle this gift so I could share it with you. However, it really is the kind of thing that one truly has to find on their own.

Many say that prayer is different for everyone. However, I know the truth to be that there are general sign posts to follow; letting us know that we are all accessing the Lord’s spirit within us in the right way. All one has to do is ask what these principles of access are.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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