Who Jesus Is And Is Not: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

You know; it’s hard enough to follow God’s word and will without being led astray by the doctrine of some religious organizations and the sheep of such enterprises. “Yet,” I will admit that for the longest time, when it came to understanding who Jesus really is, “I nearly drank the Cool-Aid to the last drop.” However, having finally woken up and smelled the coffee…

“So,” who is Jesus? Simply put, “Jesus is the son of God.”

Is Jesus God? While many would tell you that he is; the clear and honest answer, given by Jesus himself, is that he is not.

If Jesus was God, he would not have been documented in The Bible as praying to God. John 17, in particular, couldn’t make it more obvious that there is a difference between God and His son.

While it is true that Jesus refers to himself as being one with God; I think any intelligent being knows that you can have a powerful connection with another person; seeming at times to be as one with a spouse, identical twin, etcetera, while still maintaining your own identity in the process.

So, “Yeah,” when you start to break it all down; Jesus is Jesus and God is his father. That’s not to say that they didn’t have a powerful shared connection; enabling them to think and act as one. However, that’s obviously as far as it goes.

“True!” Jesus himself is biblically documented as indicating that our pathway to God lies through him; prayers and all, as well. He encourages us to follow the ten commandments to the best of our ability, as well as trusting in the Lord, “Jesus’s Father.”

Did Jesus have God like powers? “Yes.” You would probably have them too if you were the off spring of the All Mighty. There are some things we just can’t help but inherit from our parents.

So, where did we get this idea in our heads that Jesus was God in fleshly form? “I’ve got know idea.”

“But…” I’m going to guess that it all might have had something to do with the fact that us mortals have had a long history of making more out of things than what God had ever intended for us to, even where His son is concerned.

I’ve spent a long time reading The Bible, myself. “And,” while I will admit that it can be difficult to follow at times, I’ve discovered that buying into the somewhat overcomplicated theology, on top of trying to make sense of the crazy sentence structure, “Really hasn’t done me any favors.”

So, while I once might have looked at Jesus as God in Fleshly form, the year 2016 ended with me realizing that I was sadly mistaken. Jesus certainly is the essence of God; just as you and I have the essence of our parents residing in our own DNA, along with other inherited traits.

However, life is about learning. So, I won’t be kicking myself in the ass too hard for blowing it for a long time about my view on who Jesus is. After all; I’ve had a lot of help in screwing this one up.

As time progresses, I find more and more that those things folks intentionally present to us as being complicated, generally aren’t. Those things we are told we couldn’t possibly understand, we understand better than the idiots in charge would like.

But, What I’ve come to understand most importantly of all is, God wants us to comprehend how to best enjoy the benefits of a relationship with Him through his son, Jesus Christ. “And,” while I’m sure that someone will happily try to tell me that my revised understanding regarding Jesus is wrong; I am confident that I have never been more write about anything.

Not all of us are put on this earth to be sheep; followers of a doctrine designed to control the masses for the benefit of a few mortal men. “And,” thanks to God, I’m pretty much done worrying about the judgement of my fellow man, “Especially where matters of the heart and salvation of my soul are concerned.”

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