Why God Doesn’t Answer All Strong Prayers: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

My new mantra, starting at the end of June, 2016, has become, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not mentally, emotionally or physically lack.” Even though I am using this affirmation to program my own subconscious mind to work along this line of thinking; I’m fully aware that there might be times when God will have cause for me to experience lack on a mental, emotional and physical level.

“True!” Some folks looking for strong prayers the Lord will answer think that it’s all in the phrasing; knowing the right words will make God give them what they want. However, the truth of the matter is that God has a plan for each of us; like it or not.

“Yes!” While I’ve even summarized books on this site that would leave many with the very wrong impression that our destiny is our own; the reality in who our Lord is couldn’t make this line of thinking further from the truth. Even though we have free will and far more brain power than we use in our day to day lives, “God isn’t always going to give us what we want.”

It doesn’t matter as to what kind of strong prayers we are using, how clearly we can visualize what we want, or even the technique we use to trick ourselves into mentally believing that we already have those things we most deeply desire in our lives.

When it comes to goal setting and other matters of free will; we’ve all fallen into the trap of thinking that we can pick out whatever it is we want on our own “first” and then ask God to help us get there, “Second.” And, while there are some very good methodologies out there for tapping into the Universal/God power that can move things in our desired direction, “The mindset behind utilizing these techniques is all wrong.”

In order to work with the Universal power that can help us live a more fulfilling life; we must have a personal relationship with God and fully accept that his plan for us is the only one that matters. While many will tell you, “God didn’t intend for you to be pore.” The truth of the matter is, “God didn’t intend for everyone to be rich, either.”

While many will reject the idea that God causes people to suffer; what they fail to see is that, “God didn’t ever intend for us to have a pain free life, either.”

If you can accept these ideas as fact; you have a chance at working in a far greater harmony with the well synchronized Universe that God has created. You will not mind the struggles (past, present and future) and will see them for what they are. “Tests, corrections and experiences that will mold you into a far better human being than what you are now.”

In fact; if you are truly honest with yourself; I’m pretty sure that you already know that the negative experiences you have in life are far more valuable to you than anything. If you don’t believe this; perhaps it’s time for you to start writing out the negative events in your life and looking for the “positive” lessons each has offered. I’d be willing to bet that you find much useful information that you can use for the better should you have the courage to take a look.

“Sure!” Praying to God for certain things is completely acceptable. However, the Lord being our shepherd, would it surprise you to learn that He might have a very good reason for not giving you and I everything we want? Is it so hard to believe that, being the creator of all things, He might not want to grant a particular request because, as a whole, allowing us what we want would negatively affect the universal balance of things in ways we ourselves couldn’t even begin to fathom?

If more folks understood all of this; readers of Self-Help material and the authors who profit from writing it; I’m pretty sure we’d all be better off. In short; the best prayers and affirmations we can use are those which ask for permission, or program us to ask for permission, before we take action on our wants and needs, “First.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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