Pastor Rick Betts’s Keep The Glasses On Sermon Clears Doubts: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

I had burned through two churches during the year 2016; Sparta Evangelical Free Church and Newton First Baptist. Personally, I left because of a strong persistent feeling in each case that something wasn’t right in the operation of these organizations. Furthermore; to me it seemed that church doctrine wasn’t truly in accordance with the God and His son I read about in The Bible. Finally; feeling strongly that I should do without Sparta Evangelical Free in November of 2016, after already feeling the Lord pulling me away from Newton First Baptist Church in May of that year; I began to question whether “I myself” might be the problem in finding a church to call home.

Then, around 10:20 AM on Sunday, February 26, 2016, I began to listen to Pastor Rick Betts’s, “Keep The Glasses On,” sermon based on John 7:14-31. As I listened to Crossroad Community Church’s Pastor Rick; I felt my hair stand on end; his message clearing any doubt from my mind and spelling out for me that, “I really wasn’t the problem after all.”

Some of the main points that this sermon is centered around are things like…

  • Just because you are Christian doesn’t mean you make unwise or unhealthy decisions to prove your faith. Martyrdom isn’t God’s plan for everyone who believes in Him; folks often being more useful to the Lord, “Alive.” Not even Jesus placed himself in harm’s way until it was truly his time to do so.
  • Just because a traditional Christian based system adopts certain doctrine; it doesn’t mean it’s correct. You have a right to measure it against biblical standards and you should. This is because certain doctrine that is biblically incorrect might be limiting your spiritual view of the world, plus God’s ability to work with you.
  • Any time doing what’s right in God’s eyes conflicts with a biblical law, “You do what’s right.”
  • You’re view of the world is greatly affected by the lenses you look at it through. How you see the world as the proud owner of a Chrysler 300 is not going to be the same as one who only drives a Schwinn.

Are you scratching your head about some of the main highlights I’ve listed here? Well… I guess you’ll have to listen to the sermon yourself to see what it’s all about.

Pastor Rick’s message was certainly helpful to me; God’s hand definitely detectable in my being led to hear it. “And,” if I got something out of it, “Maybe you will too!” In Jesus name, “Praise be to God!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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