12 Stones Of The Bible And The Stones Of Christianity In General: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

I use crystals and stones like Hematite for assisting me with my “focus only” during meditation. They are not objects I pray to. They are simply objects that I fixate on mentally; more or less praying through when I’m having one of those days when squirrels are most likely to lead my mind a stray.

Now, Hematite is sometimes referred to as Black Diamond but isn’t directly on the list of the 12 stones listed as representative of the twelve tribes of Israel. However, since it resonates with me at times when I pick it up, I use it during my meditations to help me “focus” and nothing more.

I have other crystals as well; Black Onyx being one of them because that too carries a certain resonation with me at times when I pick it up. However, what really gets me about the stones listed in the Old Testament is the fact that they seem to carry a great significance; to God himself, beyond their representation of the twelve tribes of Israel.

I say this because if they didn’t have a level of great importance to the Lord; why else would he have chosen these twelve stones for representing all the tribes of his people? He could have simply picked up any rock off the ground and used it as representation of one of the 12. How come purls aren’t on the list?

The crystals and other stones that represent the 12 tribes of Israel are: Sardius, Topaz, Carbuncle, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Jacinth, Agate, Amethyst, Beryl, Onyx, and Jasper. However, many places I’ve looked online say that these 12 stones are not named correctly in accordance with biblical times; making it rather unclear as to what modern day stones they truly represent.

“Now,” I did mention that when I handle certain stones and crystals they resonate with me. What I mean is that sometimes when handling certain stones and crystals I feel a very faint tingling sort of sensation; sometimes just in my hand or arm and other times throughout my entire body. Instinctively I know that such items are useful tools for meditation and can’t help but wonder if the same isn’t true for the stones of The Bible; whatever stones they truly are called today.

“Now!” During my research of the twelve stones of The Bible I also discovered the stones of Christianity once again, as well. I’ve already been informed over the years by more than one church pastor/leader that my work with dream analysis is evil; if not, at the very least, simply a waste of time. “So!” Why should it be a shock to me that loads of sites on the internet downplay the 12 stones in The Bible; right away referring to any kind of meditative work with them as, “Dabbling in the occult?”

How arrogant have we become as Christians; assuming that just because God never explained to us things beyond His written word that one’s personal exploration of mysteries outside the available biblical texts our churches have shared with us are wrong? As it is; our church leaders constantly jabber on about forming a personal relationship with a living breathing God who truly wants to get to know us. “Yet,” when you ask them how that is done they refer you right back to the one book that tells you that having a personal relationship with the Lord is crucial.

Even our churches go on the attack at times if an individual seeks help in an effort to begin developing their “God Given” gifts in the areas of intuition, bilocation and other things that fall under the realm of not being explainable by science, “Except for when it is convenient for the church.” “Yet,” even the bible points to the fact that precognitive dreams, intuition and other things are all possible, even for mortal folks when they’re hearts are right with the Lord.

“So,” why is it that Christians right away begin attacking folks who are looking for tools that will help them draw closer to the Lord and aid them in doing His will? Why is it that doing a search for information revolving around God and Crystals brings up so many sites condemning any kind of interest that falls outside the scope of “traditional” teachings of the church, which often ignores certain facts written in The Bible itself in an effort to avoid bankruptcy?

“And,” if the stones mentioned in The Bible aren’t named correctly according to today’s standards, “What are the modern day names for these stones?” You can’t honestly sit there and tell me that no one knows. Naturally, this then makes me feel the need to ask, at the risk of once again pissing someone off, “What are the leaders of Christian churches hiding from us all?”

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