God’s Part In NJ’s Caitlyn Ricci Tuition Lawsuit: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

When you hear in the news that a child sued their parents for college tuition money “and won” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Do you immediately become outraged; thinking the kid is just some spoiled little brat thinking they deserve everything handed to them on a silver platter? Or, do you stop and ask, “What happened behind closed doors to drive that child to reach such a point in their lives?”

Me? Although I acknowledge that many people, even my own age, are self-centered and have a powerful sense of entitlement; I’ve observed far too much of life, have read to many books on psychology, the law, The Bible, plus personal development, not to ask the second above question, “First!” Yet, so many people are so quick to “Demonize” the child for taking legal action against their parents, “Without stopping to consider the bigger and often unknown parts to the picture!” You know, things like, “What went on in the house when they were growing up!”

I began thinking about this stuff “first” when I saw people’s online reactions towards Caitlyn Ricci when she won a court case against her divorced parents regarding her college tuition. Then the whole child verses parents thing was further resurrected in my mind again when I heard a church pastor remark upon the degradation of today’s society and how things are so bad we can’t even discipline our children.

Now! Anyone who can read what’s written in black and white would know that (at least in New Jersey) there is no law that prohibits a parent from disciplining their child. I think the problem is that most people can’t be bothered to educate themselves on what constitutes abuse and what doesn’t within the borders of their state. Therefore, when their child becomes a “real” problem they blame the system; basing it on what a teacher told their child at school, or at church, etcetera, rather than going to look up state provided facts, “Themselves!”

Also, I think, too, that if the people born around the year 1970, and before then, have a problem with the laws that are in place today they might want to stop and think about the fact that if it wasn’t for folks their age and older there wouldn’t be such a necessity for all the legislation that’s been written to protect children in the first place. If parents knew the difference between a correction and a beating, plus a few other things; we wouldn’t have needed such strict guidelines passed into law. But, thanks to them (my own generation included), “We have such laws!”

And, let’s face it. “Parents don’t get a free pass just because they are parents.” In some cases they are more self-centered then their children.

Some parents think of their children in terms of dollars and cents more than anything else. Other parent’s will think nothing of using a child’s existence solely to exploit Uncle Sam. Other parents will say and do anything to sabotage a child, even when the kid is all grown up in a pathetic attempt to maintain their so called “superiority” over said child; constantly trying to exploit their adult sons and/or daughters for their own selfish needs.

And that’s just pointing out the less reprehensible behaviors some parent’s exhibit towards their children. “So!” When you look at everything in perspective, “Maybe kids taking their parents to court for things like college money aren’t really so out of line?”

If children are that out of line; perhaps people ought to stop and consider the bigger picture, before they condemn a child for their legal action. After all; we all know the media likes to spin it and, “Mommy and Daddy are likely more to blame for bringing these situations into the public spotlight than they would like the rest of us to believe!”

Of course, it would probably help if mothers and fathers brought God back into their homes. “True!” Raising your children to fear God in a home that is based on sound Christian teachings doesn’t guarantee that a child won’t end up suing their parents for college tuition.

However, it would seem like many parents aren’t allowing God into their lives; let alone their children’s lives. Perhaps if Caitlyn Ricci’s family had a true relationship with God through his son, Jesus, law suits, like the one Caitlyn Ricci filed against her parents, would be avoidable in the USA today?

Author: Brian Schnabel

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