Alien’s From One Christian Church Pastor’s Point Of View: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

“Now,” before anyone gets their shorts in a not about me using a Baptist Pastor’s name in this blog post; it should be noted that I am merely expressing my point of view about a short discussion the man had with us during an informal service he did one Sunday evening back in October, 2015. I do not remember exactly which Sunday evening service it was during that month. However, the comments made struck me as rather strange and not just because they were about the possible existence of aliens.

However, I am going to name Pastor Paulo Freire as the source of the short discussion and remarks made during the October 2015 evening service, even if he himself doesn’t remember, or simply chooses to deny ever making any references to aliens from outer space during services at Newton First Baptist. “Also,” while it is true that it is my choice to mention any person connected to a real life event from my prospective; I should mention here that it is your choice to believe whether or not this post is based on an actual conversation that took place.

Therefore; I’m comfortable writing this because, recorded service or not, when you say things to other people in the world, “God holds us all accountable for the things that come out of our mouth.” So, if you are one who thinks I’ve totally missed the boat on what was said that October evening, or think I’ve lost it, “You can rest assured that the Lord will make sure I’m held liable for my words.”

So, what did Pastor Freire have to say about Aliens during one evening back in October of the year 2015? He said that if they really did exist, “Aliens are not saved.”

When I asked him why he felt that way about it he told me that it was because “we” are all made in God’s image. Therefore; if “we” are all made in God’s image that means that there wouldn’t be anyone else made that way on another planet. He based this on the fact, too, that there would have been references to other worlds beyond our own in The Bible if they actually existed.

“Now,” Pastor Freire was pretty adamant about this; making it pretty clear by the tone of his voice that he wanted the discussion to end without hearing another point of view. So, not being a person that goes to church services and Bible studies to argue with people, “I let the matter drop.” But, “I never forgot it.”

“However,” since this is my site and I get to express myself through it any way I choose within reason, “I am going to address the remarks I heard Pastor Paulo make about the existence of aliens.” And, “Yes,” I am going to start out by agreeing with Pastor Paulo Freire.

His assertions that The Bible tells us we were created in God’s image are quite true. We discover as much right from the get go through The Bible; starting with Genesis.

However, it is also true that there are many things about this world of ours that The Bible didn’t tell us; the roundness of the earth definitely being one of those minor details that was left out of scripture. So, to base your understanding of things solely on what the Bible says… Well… You might want to sell your car and buy lots of candles because The Bible doesn’t teach about auto mechanics and electricity.

Are there other races in the universe? Well… As Christians and human beings in general; I think that to insist that we are God’s sole creations and completely alone in an infinite universe demonstrates a level of arrogance that not even the Lord would approve of.

How many times have we been told that, “Only God knows what is coming,” or, “It’s all in God’s time,” or even, “God will reveal his plan for you when He feels the time is right.” So who’s to say that aliens (people from other worlds) aren’t out there? Who’s to say that God, the creator of all things, didn’t create other worlds similar to ours as a part of His plans?

“And,” even if people from other worlds do exist; who are we to question what their relationship with the Lord is, “Without ever meeting them?” Isn’t it dangerous to make assumptions about folks we haven’t even met yet based upon the fact that their solar address is different from ours?

Isn’t it possible that folks from other worlds might have a better relationship with God than we do? If they come here before we ever find them; isn’t it possible that other people from different worlds could actually be smarter than we are, as well?

In The Bible it is written in Genesis that God gave man dominion over the world. He didn’t give us dominion over “all” worlds and the vastness of space itself. He gave us dominion over, “This world.” The Lord even let us figure out for ourselves that this place was round.

“Yet,” here’s a church pastor telling people that if there are aliens out there they are not saved. How would he even know that? How could he even speak on a matter like that with such authority and then sleep comfortably at night?

Of course, we’re talking about a conversation that I was privy to; more than likely not recalling things correctly; all depending upon who you talk to. But, regardless as to whether or not Pastor Paulo Freire will ever acknowledge that he was the one I actually heard say that if aliens exist they are unsaved; the truth of the matter is that we don’t even know who, if what, the aliens are. So, trying to sell people on a situation that is hypothetical from the get go is rather pointless.

“However,” the pastor’s comments do speak to me very loudly when you stop to consider the racial tensions in the United States. Even with the various groups of people (minorities) that we know for certain exist; have we not gotten ourselves into trouble on multiple occasions by making the kinds of judgements about others, which the good pastor makes about aliens?

How many times have people drawn conclusions about you and I by just looking at us? How many times have those assumptions about us ever been close to the truth? If you are going to tell me that most people read you the way you want, “God bless you.”

In my own life; many folks have assumed I do not know the Lord; all basing it on the fact that I am blind. So, “Yeah,” when someone stands in front of a group of people and says, “If aliens do exist they are not saved,” I certainly am going to have something to say about that and, “I’ve just done so.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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