Just When A Christian Blogger Is Wanted: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

Since the end of May 2016 I had the sense that it was time to think about looking for a new church. Then the series of dreams started around June 12, 2016 and I figured I’d need to do something soon before these dreams became full blown nightmares. Finally; starting on Sunday, June 19, 2016 I sprang into action. But not before I noticed something strange on the internet regarding churches in Sussex County NJ, “First.”

As I researched local churches online; I began to notice that I wasn’t finding any personal blogs online that referenced churches right here in my own neighborhood. Reviews of churches were practically none existent, as well.

I thought this was kind of strange, especially when I knew churches in this area were encouraging their congregations to go out and share the gospel with family, friends, co-workers and anyone else they could. Surely; with the proliferation of Web 2.0, plus social media being what it is today, people would want to write about being a Christian and talk about the experiences with their Sussex County NJ based church in at least one or two blog posts, “Wouldn’t they?”

“Hell!” Many folks here in Sussex County New Jersey don’t have a problem writing comments on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs about other things. So, what’s the deal with there hardly being anything out there about Sussex County NJ Churches that isn’t controlled by the churches themselves?

Surely people aren’t ashamed to admit that they believe in God. So why would it be so hard to find out more about my local churches from another individual’s prospective via the internet.

Is it because…

  • Church leadership here in Sussex County New Jersey goes out of its way to insure that individuals do not give voice to their own views about the church they attend (good, bad and otherwise); making folks feel as though they aren’t special enough to write about their own spiritual experiences inside or outside the church?
  • Pastors often feed their congregations messages that cast the internet in a negative light; causing tech savvy folks like me to actually want to hide their blogs from their own church, “Leadership and all,” out of fear that their own church would ridicule them for daring to be so candid?
  • Church leadership’s constant focus on the negative aspects of certain online activities has made their congregations fearful of the internet as a viable means for reaching out to none believers?

So, “Yeah.” The absence of personal reviews and individual blogs referencing local churches here in newton NJ and the surrounding Sussex County area really is strange. This doesn’t make any sense to me at all, especially if the church a person attends truly is behind them sharing The Bible with everyone else.

Nevertheless; I managed to find just enough information online to make some sound decisions about which church in my local area would be most worthy of my attention. Between doing a lot of reading, listening and the usage of this handy little device called a telephone; I began looking forward to starting another chapter along the road to developing an ever deepening relationship with the Lord through his son Jesus.

Author: Brian Schnabel

[Email: brian@brianschnabel.com]: Seeking my very own Joan Watson in Elementary 26-year-old form; I’m plugin it all in here via Microsoft Word 2016, Windows 10, JAWS 18.0.2945 and the screen reader accessibility of WordPress 4.8.0.

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