What God Says About Family Values During Newton NJ Holidays: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

Every year it would seem that I failed to do it. “Yup!” Each year I try to figure out how to erase November and December from my Calendar without creating a disturbance in the Time Continuum., As a consequence, whether I like it or not, I find myself just having to ride the holidays out, annually.

Of course, someone might eventually have a time machine available I could purchase through Amazon Prime; enabling me to jump from October 31 to January 2 in a matter of seconds each year. But, “I’m not holding my breath.” So, “It is what it is.”

However, it is interesting to note how the media has often talked about folks suffering from depression during the holidays because they have no family. However, unless I missed the new special, they never seem to talk about depressed folks with families; situations where you’d just be better off in a room by yourself because you can cut the tension with the knife at a gathering. “And,” what about folks who hate the holidays because they know for a fact that they are merely plan B because the better offer didn’t arrive. It’s funny how the media doesn’t really ever seem to want to talk about that, “Don’t you think?”

I know for a fact that there are ship loads of people that fit into this second category (depressed with family) because they telegraph it big time. They won’t come out and just say it. But when they talk about their plans for the holidays their body language and tone inflections clearly state that they would really just rather crawl under a rock. You can tell they are tired just thinking about it and there’s just no enthusiasm about their pending “family” gatherings what’s so ever.

And, when you honestly and truly put a little effort into thought regarding this matter, why shouldn’t people feel irritated about the pending holidays. Particularly when you stop to consider that most families are a sham anyway.

The traditional family structure is shot to hell; either by attitude alone or quite literally via divorce, never marrying in the first place, etcetera. Of course, in many families, when God is entered into the equation, many a parent is quick to point out what The Bible says are their unalienable rights when it’s convenient; often ignoring what The Bible has said are their children’s rights.

Now, if you are a late bloomer when it comes to following God’s word, and are lucky enough to have a kid (or kids) like me; you’re probably going to make out ok for the most part. Some of us do know that people change and grow at their own rate; excepting that our families aren’t perfect. However, as a society of largely, “None God Fearing People,” or, “Make Believe God Fearing People,” folks really do need to dial it back a notch.

God doesn’t like being ignored any time of year, as evidenced throughout the bible. Neither does God appreciate his word being followed when it’s convenient; some folks using it to manipulate other folks. So, “Yeah,” as a society, “we’re all in a lot of trouble!”

And, “You know?” I can’t find it written anywhere in The Bible saying Christmas is on December 25 of every year and is to be celebrated as a family event. Nor can I find any references to Thanks Giving being in the month of November with football games on TV; a good time to start Christmas shopping and turkey Dinners being the standard during mandatory family gatherings.

What I do find in The Bible is that we should be celebrating the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ every day we live and breathe. Also, if we are truly grateful to God for what we have, Thanks Giving is something we wake up and go to sleep doing 365 days a year; 366 on Leap Years.

Biblically speaking; I also find that family values (if there are any to be had) are to be demonstrated every day and not just on holidays. So, is it any wonder that some folks are asking, “Why can’t we just avoid the irritation the holidays often bring; bypassing holidays like Thanks Giving and Christmas?” Besides; if one needs an excuse (like a holiday) to visit family, “Why visit at all?”

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