Wine And Spirits At Lake Mohawk NJ Plus General Psychic Facts: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

Although the TV series, “Medium,” starring Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber, is based on Allison DuBois, a real life medium; did you know that the real honest to goodness psychics in the world don’t let you know that they are, “Psychic?” They don’t ask for credit cards or draw paychecks; personally profiting from their gifts. They don’t call tip lines to tell law enforcement stuff that they themselves haven’t vetted. They don’t waste people’s time by telling them about a future that will not happen.

Folks who are truly gifted might make a suggestion to you that you might want to do XYZ or gently steer you away from a course of action you are planning; giving you what sounds like credible reasoning. However, they don’t usually start out with, “I had a dream,” or, “Your dead Grandmother told me.”

Certain gifts that God gives us, like cognitive dreams, are never ever to become a capital venture, or even used to raise our own standing above others in a group setting, like a church. The Bible clearly tells us as much.

Can you imagine how much longer and messier the bible would be if God’s Prophets were to charge God’s people for delivering messages? Yup! I’m certain that being a Profiting Prophet is a sure fire way to infuriate the Lord!

I often find myself thinking about stuff like this when WNNJ begins advertising an event that seems to take place a few times a year over in the Lake Mohawk area of NJ. It’s called Wine and Spirits and features intuitive psychic Deborah Hanlon.

Now, I’m sure that the folks who do drop the money to see this woman in action are entertained just like I’m entertained with the creativity of the, “Medium,” TV series. But, beyond that, I can’t help but think that the real deals in this world are the ones who are not advertising on the radio.

Sure! They might be writing books on how to tap the hidden powers of the mind. Even the United States government has, or at least had, a Remote Viewing program. But, beyond that my guess is that the people with the true gifts of sight and intuitiveness are only known to a select few, “If that.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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