How To Prove That God Exists: Spirituality: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

While listening to an audio given to me for Christmas back in 2014; my immediate thought when I heard someone make the statement that, “There is no way to prove that God exists,” was, “this is correct Via science’s usual definition of proof!” But then a split second later it dawned on me that, “There is a way to prove that God exists!” It’s through the same methodology that many things about human behavior have been discovered, “Observation!”

I think the only reason that the Scientific Community says that the existence of God can’t be proven is that because it doesn’t want to. Why? That would kind of upset folks in some cultures, and of certain faiths, if science was to publicize that they were actively seeking proof of the existence of God.

“How do you prove that God exists through observation?” That involves a journal and the willingness of the participants in such a study to submit to the idea of talking to God in their daily everyday life.

In a journal one would record the events of the day and the thoughts that they had, lifting them up to or talking to our Lord as if he were actually in the room. After a time journals are the handiest little things for identifying patterns. So, if a meticulous record is kept, over time, I think one would have to be totally blind if they couldn’t see God at work in their life through the pages of said journal.

Of course, one would want to have a second group available for such a study; whereby they do not talk to God but just journal. I think some would call that second group the control group. However, I really think that it could be done if people wanted to. Journaling is the key and the participant’s earnest willingness to work within the parameters of such a study would certainly bring together the whole ball of wax.

So, “Yeah!” For anyone who is willing to really look at things objectively, “The existence of God can be proven,” and it is simpler to do than many would have us believe. But… I guess we’ll all just have to wait until the scientific community wakes up and accepts my suggested method for simply proving that God exists before our beliefs will ever become something concrete, “Right?”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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