Becoming A Magnet: Subjectively: One Blind Guy’s Effective Sensory Projections.

Isn’t this the million-dollar question for any man or woman? How does one attract who or what they want in their lives; seemingly becoming a magnet for love, wealth, or popularity?

It’s the question I know I’ve asked myself for years; often finding myself in romantic entanglements that are downright draining and surrounded by people who often misrepresent themselves personally and professionally.

My employment picture has never been grand; being asked more than once by potential employers why I would even want to work when, as a blind person, I’m entitled to collect SSDI. So, here I am working to build an online empire, complete with following.

Just because other people say I’m broken doesn’t mean I am. “Besides,” in The Bible, God makes it pretty clear I was put on this earth the way I am, “On purpose.” Any true Christian would know that.

“However,” it would seem that many in our so call progressive society are clueless; not just my fellow Christians. “But…” All in all, I do have to commend myself. Despite everything, “I’ve yet to commit a homicide.”

Anyhow, “Enough of that.”

How to become a Love magnet.

One night around the end of July 2017 I was at center, using a theta sound, recorded in mp3 audio format, to assist. I’ve gotten pretty damn good at getting right on the edge; the fine line between consciousness and sleep. Most people can get there. But, “it’s not exactly easy to sustain.”

While there; I began to ask questions about how I should proceed in my romantic endeavors. The answer I got back? “Prove you aren’t broken.”

Right then and there I knew this message was a blanket answer; pertaining to every aspect of my life involving social interaction. However, “How the hell does one do this?”

So, again, I went to my center a few days later and began posing more questions as to how this could be done. I got back another answer, via powerful impression, that I could achieve what I wanted romantically and otherwise. The answer? “Focus on yourself.”

Finally; in the beginning of August 2017 I got a more definitive answer; this time via a dream. “Get back to where you started; reconnecting with your own identity and resources.”

Now, to many, I’m guessing that these answers would seem kind of vague. However, to me, “They make perfect sense.”

So, I’ve rebooted this site once again and probably for the tenth time since 2011. From here on in; I’ll be posting more about me, “Brian Schnabel,” and what I have to offer. “Yes, folks,” that means some of the old ways will be coming back. Consider this site, “Brian Schnabel Unleashed.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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