Christian Prophetic Dream Symbol Interpretation Notes: Subjectively: One Blind Guy’s Effective Sensory Projections.

In doing quite a bit of reading and dream research over the years; I’ve come to understand that I actually dream three different types of dreams. The first kind are triggered by environmental factors; the day to day business of life. These dreams basically are reflections back to me about my own emotional state; how I’m internalizing everything that is going on.

The second type are prophetic dreams and are triggered by earth bound sources. For instance; dreams revolving around major snow storms, that have yet to arrive, are triggered by the subconscious mind’s ability to detect weather patterns, and make a prediction based on the data it has processed.

Knowing when I’m most likely to meet certain people, or, what kinds of interactions I’m most likely to have with them falls under this second category of dreams, as well. This works because when we sleep it’s kind of like how AT&T used to spin it in their telephone commercials years ago. “We’re all connected!” It’s always good to get a heads up as to the state of mind some people will be in before you pick up the phone or pay them a personal visit, “Right?”

Then there’s the third category of dreams I have which can be both prophetic and spiritual. These dreams are often vivid and intensely life like. They two give progress reports like the dreams in the first category I mentioned. However, these progress reports are designed to indicate which direction I should and, in some cases, shouldn’t be going in life.

However, it’s kind of hard for me to tell at times which dreams are of a spiritual nature, or, if I’m just picking up on someone else’s desire and intent. So, in October of 2015 I had the bright idea to look up all I could find in The Bible about dreams and dreaming; coming up with this list of seven things to help me along.

  1. Genesis 41:32 suggests that when dreams with the same principle occur twice over a period of ours or days (one per sleep cycle); it means that the event identified within them will take place in the future.
  2. Numbers 12:6 speaks for itself, “And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.”
  3. Job 33 makes it pretty clear that God does talk to us through dreams. However, God will often cause us to forget what he says to us in our dreams; only allowing a select few to remember his presence while in that state.
  4. Ecclesiasts 5 strongly suggests that a torrent of dreams (during a single sleep cycle) is not a message from God. Multiple dreams are the result of the day to day business of your life.
  5. In looking at Jerimiah 23:25 through Jerimiah 23:31; one can safely conclude that Not all dreams are from God. They are nothing more than dreams. If you have a dream that is the word of God, “You will know it!”
  6. Daniel 2 pretty much suggest (without coming right out and saying it) that there is a psychic connection between people that can be accessed under the right conditions. However, this access is by permission of God only and if abused will result in consequences.
  7. In Joel 2, verse 28 in particular, it is pretty clearly stated that in the last days folks will prophesy, dream and see visions. This is also supported in Acts 2:17.

Granted most people probably will read this and think I’m nuts for bothering with this stuff. However, the just mentioned seven items found in The Bible certainly have made my understanding of what I experience in my sleep much clearer. By posting this my hope is that maybe these 7 things will help you, too.

In using The Bible as a guide we can certainly figure out the so called mysteries of our dreams, and then some, if we really want to, for sure. We just have to want to. It’s all been there for thousands of years just waiting for us to catch up. God Rocks, “Doesn’t he?”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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