Best Way To Handle Stressful Situations: Subjectively: One Blind Guy’s Effective Sensory Projections.

It’s been written my many different folks, and even in The Bible, that we are not in control of what happens to us in life. The only real thing we have any control over is our reactions to what happens to us in life. There is nothing to be gained by stressing over past events or being upset over what may happen in the future. The only time we have is, “Now,” and following this simple formula for reducing stressful situations will help you get the most out of it.

So, “What do you do when you know the worst is coming?” Well, the answer involves a pencil and paper, if not a computer keyboard. However, you choose to write stuff down is up to you. But make no mistake, “This formula only works if you write stuff down.”

If you find yourself stressed about a situation; write down every detail of the situation before asking yourself what the worst-case scenario will be without a resolution to your problem. “What happens if the situation is permitted to continue on?”

Then, accept in your mind that the worst is already in play. It’s happened just as you thought it would, or in one of the ways you thought it might.

Keep writing out all the details of this worst-case scenario, or scenarios, from the angle of one who is already living them. Mentally live out each worst-case result of your problem as if it had really happened, pouring it all out on paper.

“Now!” Having written everything out that could possibly be wrong; take a close look at the worst-case scenario, or scenarios, which you’ve poured your heart and soul into conjuring into a state of near reality. Keeping these worst-case scenarios in mind; go ahead and put your best efforts into coming up with ways to improve upon your imaginary negative situation.

I’ve done this more than a few times since the concept was first introduced to me. I read about it in a book during 2012 and found that it really does work.

What I’ve personally discovered in approaching problems this way is that matters weren’t the big deals that I thought they were. When I got started with this writing exercise; seemingly big problems suddenly went from mega calamities to minor irritations that could easily be dealt with.

Also, what I discovered most of the time, by the end of my writing exercises, was that most of the issues I thought I was having really weren’t issues at all. They were negative events, “Yes.” However, they turned out to be the kinds of events that only had the power to impact my life if I let them.

Those few negative things that I wrote about, which really were problems, were easily managed once the potential scenarios did play themselves out. This is because I had already determined what I would do if they, or any semblance of them, manifested in reality.

“Sure!” Sometimes research needs to be done to deal with a negative situation and its potential fallout. However, if everything is kept fact based the stress one started out with usually quickly dissipates.

When the plan for dealing with a matter is written out and in your hand for future reference; it’s kind of hard to lose sleep over negative situations, once you’ve already know what the worst that can happen is. Holding a written plan in your hand on how to deal with trouble, if and when it all really does hit the fan, tends to bring us peace of mind that we otherwise wouldn’t have, too.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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