Severe Headaches When Living With Blindness Complements Of RP: Subjectively: One Blind Guy’s Effective Sensory Projections.

I began having remarkable success with wiping out my headaches after noticing something interesting around the end of July 2017. While going to my center and relaxing my scalp, forehead, eyes, face and so on; this idea of me seeing myself filled with a familiar very bright warm powerful golden white light popped into my mind, complete with an image of me being filled with just that. So, knowing when I’ve been handed a gift, “I ran with it.”

But, “It gets better!” After a few days of making use of Jose Silva’s Relaxation Technique, with the above mentioned “lighted” approach; I noticed something odd about the behavior of my eyes.

You see; I have what some Doctors refer to as a Blindism. In my case it has to do with the fact that my eyes are constantly on the move. Because of this constant movement; I have difficulty controlling them; not that there’s any real point in doing so.

“However,” during meditations, when my eyes are closed and I am imagining myself filled with light, they are quite steady; seemingly acting as directors, as I focus on various parts of my body.

They aren’t trying to focus. I’m 100 percent certain of that. This is because their very relaxed and steady movement sometimes involves them doing interesting things like, “Rotating in opposite directions of each other,” slowly, simultaneously, and flawlessly.

I tried to show a friend of mine this one day and discovered that I could not duplicate the movement with my eyes open. In fact; after a few attempts at it I stopped because the muscles in the eye sockets were getting quite painful.

When I am truly centered; I know because I feel a rushing sensation in my body. That feeling I have known for well over a decade; the sensation I feel being a useful indicator; signaling that I am in the state I need to be in for any of my mental programming/prayer to work.

I found, too, that I could move my eyes at will when relaxing with them closed; duplicating the routes I noticed them traveling on their own; helping me to get down to my center faster than usual. If there is any tension in them when I start; I’ve found that I can command it to leave.

In fact; I’m finding I can pretty much order any discomfort my body is experiencing to be gone; imagining the light concentrating on the part of my body giving me issues. I’ve always could do that to some extent before. Just never with this much efficiency or success.

When I saw the light, presented to me the first time in July of 2017, I recognized it immediately from when I had first started doing dream analysis back in 1995. A vivid dream in which It swallowed up a giant wasp that was about to attack me comes to mind. I recall having other dreams in which it was present, too. In one dream; the light was so powerful I was completely immobilized. But, I felt at peace; even though I could feel the energy of it pinning me to the floor in that particular dream.

So, when the idea was presented to me that I could use it to my benefit, it made perfect sense. The eyes acting as directors for where it needed to be concentrated made sense to me too.

What I’m experiencing with my eye movements at center feels more like they are just two independent pointers; each in control of its own shaft of light. One eye moving the light one way at times and the other spreading the light in another, more concentrated, and much needed direction. For some things both eyes will move; directing their beams of light at a specific point in my body. However, when this happens, it doesn’t have the same feeling that two eyes would normally have when you focus them on an image.

It’s almost like; after thirty years, my eyes found a way to be useful to me again. Or, perhaps, God has found a way for my eyes to be useful again. Either way, “It’s cool.”

While I’ve got a sense that trying to take too much control over my eye movements will be a detraction from reaching my center; I also sense that trying to stop them from moving would also be unwise.

So, I’ve just been rolling with it and, so far, I like where things have lead. I can now kill off an RP induced headache in as few as five minutes; a half hour tops. I find mentally driving off my headaches to be more effective than a bottle of Jack Daniels, or taking any kind of prescribed medications. “God is good for sure!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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