Newton NJ Urgent Care Clinic; Avoidance Is Good: Subjectively: One Blind Guy’s Effective Sensory Projections.

After an experience that took place in early January 2015; I think that I’m going to have to start taking before and after pictures of my physical injuries. Many people have noted over the years just how quickly I seem to heal. But this experience was a rather unusual eye-opener for me, to say the very least.

It all started with a situation which gave two different people cause to advise me to take a trip to the Urgent Care Clinic here in Newton, NJ. Of course, I did consider going there. However, something kept telling me to wait so I did.

On Sunday night, January 4, 2015, the ring finger on my right hand swelled up all around the fingernail. I had a suspicion that the left side of the nail on that finger (with me facing the back of my own right hand) had splintered off under the skin. It certainly felt like something had cracked near the nail bed for sure.

Would you believe one finger could hurt enough to keep you up most of the night? “It can!” Laughing here!

Anyhow, realizing that sleep wasn’t going to come just like that I started meditating and focusing on sending energy just to that finger. I finally dropped off to sleep at around five thirty Monday morning with my mind fully focused on healing my finger.

During my sleep I dreamed that I was looking at the back of my right hand and everything about it was normal. Well, almost everything. “In the dream my hand was glowing.” I finally awoke at around eight in the morning with something that was definitely a splinter of sorts sticking out of the nail bed.

I removed it without hurting myself using a set of tweezers. But the gunk that immediately drained out when I removed the sliver of fingernail was certainly messy and smelled like a town sewer. At that point things had swollen up to the second knuckle from the end of my finger. However, after the sliver had been removed things rapidly improved throughout the day; it now being Monday, January 5, 2015.

I did the same meditation over the course of the next two days with a very interesting result. Oozing was minimal as I went about my day. But during each meditation I did, focusing on the healing of that one finger, the crud that came out of the nail cuticle was phenomenal. By Wednesday (January 7, 2015) the swelling had pretty much gone and as of Sunday (January 11, 2015) all dead skin in the area had been shed, exposing a new layer of healthy skin at last.

I’m glad that things happened with my finger the way they did, even though it did hurt like hell at the start, because I learned something interesting from this experience. For over twenty years I’ve used meditation for regulating tension and headaches caused by my friend Retinitis Pigmentosa. However, I never considered going beyond stress and pain management with my meditations, even though I’ve read and summarized multiple books by respected authors which stated countless times that, “The brain manages all aspects of the body and mindset effects all physical function.” In short; with a ferocious focus of positive thought on the body (or parts of the body) physical alterations are possible.

I wouldn’t try meditating my way out of a heart attack and I’d certainly need medical help with something like Ebola. But, at the same time, I won’t deny that I’d more than likely been selling myself short in the ways I’ve been using my meditations, especially where physical health is concerned.

Once again, “God has shown me that he really is good!” The above healing would never have been able to occur within me if God himself had not seen to it that I had the tools in place and skills to use them.

Obviously, if things hadn’t gotten better by Monday night I would have been well on my way to the Urgent Care place here in Newton, New Jersey. However, thanks to all that God had taught me leading up to that point, “It all worked out in the end.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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