Prayer Request For Eli By Courtney And Josh Kosiorek: Subjectively: One Blind Guy’s Effective Sensory Projections.

Courtney Kosiorek (Daughter of Pastor Robert Scott Boger) and her Husband Josh informed their church family all across the globe of their request via Facebook; asking for people to pray for their then unborn son Eli on Sunday, February 14, 2016. When I saw this mentioned in an email from a Newton First Baptist Church member; my heart went out to Pastor Boger and his family.

“However,” I couldn’t help but wonder if God really saw this as a situation where social media had been such an amazing tool, used for “His” glory. While it was wonderful to think that countless believers around the world were praying that Eli lived through all of his heart surgeries; Matthew 6:5 and Matthew 6:6 came to mind. For whatever reason; I was then compelled to read the guidelines laid out for prayer in James 5:13 through James 5:20.

Personally; I’ve never been comfortable requesting prayers from other people, especially when I know full well I can simply ask God for his help, “Directly.” So, “Yeah!” The feeling of awkwardness greatly intensifies when I read what The Bible says about prayer requests and then think about making them via social media.

All ideology aside though; I truly did wish baby Elias could have had a long and God inspired future ahead of him. However, I can only hope that his short time on this earth (starting on February 19, 2016 and ending on August 27, 2016) will have served a purpose in some way; enabling the Lord to reach someone he didn’t have access to before. “Also,” I pray regularly for even the loneliest mom in this kind of a situation.

Even if people around the world aren’t praying for you because of requests made via email and social media; you should know that you are no less special. You’re struggles matter to God, too, and “The Lord will love any woman who has accepted Christ into her life just as much as a well-connected pastor’s daughter.”

It really doesn’t matter who we are. Even if the Lord doesn’t seem to grant our requests; anyone truly living a life in service to God can tell you, “There really is a method to his madness.” Sometimes it takes us a while to see this; pain from disappointments and grief from losses in our lives tending to obscure things for a time.

However, there is always a point to the things the Lord puts all of us through. It’s not always easy to see it. But, it is always there.

And, “Yeah,” it’s ok to ask God to help us understand what happened. He might not give us the answers we seek right away. However, eventually he will show us why things have gone the way they did; helping us to move forward in the direction He wishes for us to take. “God really is a good God.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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