The Word In The Briasphere.

It’s come to me that, while some might find this site to be a bastion of information, others might appreciate it if I actually put a little more of myself out there. You know… A running record of the insane thoughts that pop into my head… Feelings… experiences… The texture of the last brick wall I met… Etcetera.

While it’s true that I could just use social media to keep people updated with what’s going on in the Briasphere like everyone else… “Facebook and Twitter just don’t do it for me.” Besides; why would I use someone else’s website, with all their terms, conditions, annoying advertisements and crappy none-screen reader friendly layouts when I can just use my own? So, the “Daily Record” section of this site it is; God helping the pore soul with the courage to check it out.

By doing this section of the site; I’m thinking the worst thing that could happen on my end is that you will decide I need my head examined. Most people who meet me seem to think that anyway. So, no worries there. But… If you decide in favor of my needing a psych evaluation… But you keep coming back here for more… Well… “Maybe together we can get a two for one deal at a cheap mental institution.”

So, here’s to jointly traveling down the rabbit hole. Happy Reading!

Author: Brian Schnabel

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