Changing Your World From The Inside Out: Status Update: My Twitter-Facebook Equivalent.

On April 15, 2017 I was reminded of one simple fact of life; all compliments of a short dream. “You can’t change other people without changing yourself first.” I’ve always known this. But, I guess that my Silent Partner felt I needed a reminder. My biggest downfalls???

  • Listening to other people bitch about their problems to the point of being willing to do just about anything to make them shut up.
  • Over explaining myself when no one really cares about what I’m trying to say anyway.
  • Not throwing people out of my home when they overstep boundaries any where’s near as often as I should.
  • Feeling reluctant to tell the Lord exactly how I feel about certain people due to guilt; trying to deal with folks and their negative crap on my own.
  • Taking way too long to determine if I should be backing away from relationships with some people; demoting them from my inner circle if need be.

So, “Yeah,” I could kind of see where I needed a reminder to seriously address my downfalls. “Besides,” there’s really no reason I shouldn’t correct the personality flaws listed above because I’m good at pissing people off anyway. So, “No problem.”

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